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CUSTOM  PILOT  SEATS with several options

Examples shown are for the RV-6, RV-7, and RV-9 aircraft.

We also make custom seats for other aircraft.

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You made seats for our RV6 . . . just flew from Vancouver BC to Halifax NS and back and can not say enough how great the seats were. Early morning flight over the Rockies and your seat heat kept me toasty. We had a couple of 10+ hour flying days and both Bob and I found the lumber a great option. They look fantastic, the leather is excellent and they are amazingly comfortable. We are so glad that we order these from you.

Thanks again, Holly



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Custom leather seat pairs

This seat provides one of the most comfortable experiences you will ever have in an aircraft.  The seat provides good side support on the small of the back and the sides of your legs. You may also choose to add a lumbar support if you desire.  You have several choices for finishing Materials: (Fabric, Vinyl or Combo),  (Ultra Leather, looks and feels real leather) or (real Leather.)  There are many colors to choose from.  Our seats are hand crafted.


We do not have a mold that you pour foam into each seat is put together using Standard Fire Resistant Foam or Confor-Foam, your choice.  We can utilize Confor-Foam's amazing ability to absorb shock and give support if you desire.  These seats examples are for RV-6,7,9.






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RV-6-7-9 armrests

This convenient way to make your machine a little more aesthetically pleasing and add comfort as well. We offer these pre molded panels in their natural state and you can upholster them to your liking or we will be glad to work with you and upholster them for you if you desire. When we do the upholstery for you we pad the arm rest area and adhere the colors of your choice to the panel. We have found that two colors look the best and will be glad to work with your material. The panels are easily attached to the interior of your aircraft with Velcro. The panels go for $299.00 unfinished. Let us quote you on upholstering them for you.  (Pricing is without shipping.)  





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Stick Boot

To go with your attractive seats you may be interested in our leather stick boots. They simply Velcro in place and have a zipper to get them over the stick. Many colors to chose from in leather.  $85.00 per pair (plus shipping).  Please contact us and ask for a materials that you can select from.  We may be able to use your material as well.



Seat Heat (Optional)

We now offer seat heat for those of you that live in colder areas. 


The feedback we received from people that have opted for this feature have all expressed positive feedback!


This feature comes with dual controls with a high and low setting.  The controls could mount in the panel or elsewhere.  One control is provided for each seat.  All you need is a single hole in the instrument panel and it would snap right in place.  The power draw is minimal at 22 Watts at 12V.  This great feature for Winter time.




WEIGHT: Approximately 11 Lbs. each seat.  (Options and style of seat depending)

The seats and armrests can also be made with (Fabric, Vinyl or Combo),  (Ultra Leather, looks and feels real leather) or (real Leather.) .  We can also do custom modifications.  Please inquire for accurate pricing.  Some approximate prices are below.





Seat prices if we supply all material.

(Made with our Standard FR Foam cushion)

Custom Made Seats (Fabric, Vinyl or Combo) - $2260/pair, $1130/seat

Custom Made Seats (Ultra Leather) - $2560/pair, $1280/seat

Custom Made Seats (Leather) - $2760/pair, $1380/seat


Seat prices with customer supplied material.

(Made with our Standard FR Foam cushion)

Custom Made Seats (Fabric, Vinyl or Combo) - $2110/pair, $1055/seat (4 yards needed 54x 144)

Custom Made Seats (Ultra Leather) - $2360/pair, $1180/seat (4 yards needed 54x 144)

Custom Made Seats (Leather) - $2460/pair, $1230/seat (55 to 60 Sq. Ft.)


Upgrade to Confor-foam - Add $275 for each seat

Seat Heat add $135.00 for each seat



Ultra Leather It looks and feels real leather but is not genuine leather.

We can do a Lumbar support for no additional cost.

Please contact us for a firm price and materials available.




Payment will occur after we give you a solid price including an estimated shipping price.  To accomplish that, we will need your shipping address.  We would prefer that you pay by check or money order.  If you prefer to use a credit card, we will have to charge you an extra 3.5% because we use PayPal for the money transfer.  Payment in full is expected before we start any work.  (Ohio Residents will pay 7.5% tax.)




We can also provide upholstery samples.  Contact us with your color and material wish list!


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