Armrest Panels for Aircraft



DESIGNED  for  the  RV-6,  RV-7,  and  RV-9 aircraft, but may fit others.


NOTE:  We are presently working on armrest panels for the RV-14.



                FINISHED - NO ADD-ONs                             INSTALLATION  in  PROGRESS







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NOTE:  We are presently working on creating armrest panels for the RV-14.


These are GREAT looking Armrests!  They are made from Boltaron which is a plastic similar to ABS but tougher for aircraft use. Boltaron® products consist of a broad range of PVC, PVC-alloy, and CPVC film and sheet products in fire rated, ultra high impact, corrosion resistant, and economy grades.  You can paint the armrests with anything you can use on ABS plastic.  To glue cloth and leather on, we recommend recommend any type of contact cement.  These panels were also made lightweight and at the same time, strong enough for the cockpit occupants.  A bit of custom trimming is required to make them mate up with your particular bird.  They can be painted or upholstered.  If you desire to get them upholstered, we recommend that you contact an upholstery shop.  They would be more experienced in making the material lay down correctly.  This is a bit of a challenge due to the acute angles in the armrest area.  See the pics above done by the experts.


If you desire to paint the armrests, we recommend that you use products such as Rustoleum Plastic Primer and Liquitex Plastic Paint.  You may then add padded armrests if you desire.  This method would be easier for the novice. 


NOTE: These panels do not meet the flammability rating for normal category aircraft.  Boltaron 1165 does meet a UL 94 V-0 Rating.  The manufacturer only recommends these panels for experimental aircraft.  Also, beware of the cement you choose.  Look at it's flammability rating.  We do not recommend specific products and are unaware of the best products to use.  Upholstery shops are your best source for  information.


Our armrest panels are normally packed in a box:  11 lbs.,  44"x 25" x 6"

The raw panels are approximately 43" long  x 24" tall, and about 1/16" thick.

Each side panel weighs approximately 3 lbs, 8 oz. after they are trimmed to fit.



Installation is left up to the purchaser.  We suggest that you use a couple of aluminum angles ( 3/4" x 3/4" x 1/8" thick ) to secure the unit to the floor.  Also, secure it to the flap motor housing.  We suggest using rivnuts and screws (#8 or #10).  Many have their own idea how to mount it.


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ARMREST  PANELS    AR-RV-7,   $349.00

Two Arm Rest Panels for the RV-6, RV7, RV-9

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