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 modification kit for the RV-6, RV-7 & RV-9




   MAKE YOUR RV SLIDER   ------->    also TIP UP                


I first introduced this canopy modification at the Oshkosh show in 2000.  This was the first time I flew into Oshkosh, and also the first time I flew my RV-6A in as well.  It was the first time I had anything to show off.  I had a blast talking to all of you enthusiastic builders!  Everyone seemed to be really interested in this modification.   Enough of you builders had asked me if I was going to get some parts together to offer a kit for this modification, . . . so I did.

The Meske “TIP-UP / SLIDER” modification is great if you want to carry a fold-up bicycle, heavy, or awkward to load baggage.  You don't even have to risk scratching your canopy or dropping your heavy loads on your wing.  You can even retrofit this to an already flying RVs.  RV builders can also utilize this kit and adapt it to work for the RV7 and RV9 as well . . . Just some easy re-dimensioning will be needed.

















Can this kit be used for the RV-7 & RV-9?
    YES, with very little modification

Can I retrofit this modification to an already flying RV?
    YES, very easily
Can you use this modification on a tail dragger as well as a tricycle gear plane?

How does it work?

Simply slide the canopy rearward until it hits the canopy stop latch.  Then open the latch allowing the canopy to slide off of the modified canopy "T" rail.   Move the canopy forward to the pivot slots located 1 foot rear of the roll bar.  Now, tip up the canopy.  Secure it with the strut.


Click the pic for the The Mechanism Details 

 The T-rail modification

      PARTS  KIT

  48 Parts and Pieces!      

       Two roller custom weldments
       Strut latch mechanism
       Canopy stop mechanism
       Strut pivot hardware
       Misc. hardware that you will need to swap out
       Complete set of instructions


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Meske Tip Up/Slider Canopy Mod.,  MTS-1,    $249.00

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