Aircraft details and contact info:


RV Model: RV-6A

Quick Build (QB) or Standard Build (SB): SB

Slider or Tip Up: Tip Up

S/N: 22821

Location: Radnor, OH (Packer airport)

Asking Price: $65,000

IFR/VFR: VFR day/night

Link to additional pictures:

- above link includes pictures of: _X__ External _X__Panel _X__Upholstery ___Engine

Why selling: Unable to get insurance due to age

Total Time (hrs) on airframe: 48 hours

First flight date: 5/14/07

Original Builder (y/n)?: Y

Empty Weight (lbs): 1118

- CG (empty weight - inches from datum): 69

- date of last weighing: 11/9/06

Licensed gross weight: 1850

Year painted:11/4/06

- Painted by: Richard Packer of Packer Aviation

Engine Make/Model: Lycoming 0-360 A1A

- HP: 180

- Total Time Since New (hrs):

- Time Since Overhauled (hrs): 48 hours

- Ignition: Slick magnetos 48 hours since new

- Carb/FI: Carbureted

- Exhaust system: Vetterman stainless steel

- Engine Purchased from: Edward M. Low

- Engine Assembled by: Robert Hass A&P

- Date of last compression check: 11/3/2016

- - Cylinder #1: 79

- - Cylinder #2: 79

- - Cylinder #3: 77

- - Cylinder #4: 78

Other unique features FWF: Plenum, two cabin heat muffs


- Make (FP or C/S): C/S

- Model: Hartzell blended airfoil 48 hours since new

- Pitch:

Flaps (manual / electric): Electric

Rudder Trim (manual / electric): n/a

Elevator Trim (manual / electric): Manual

Aileron Trim (manual / electric): Manual

Strobes Make/Model: Aeroflash nav/strobe/position

Landing Lights Make/Model:

Landing and taxi lights homebuilt with wig wag

Age of tires/tubes: 11/2006


Apollo SL 40

Garmin GTX 320

Dynon EFIS D10A

Digitrak 2 axis a/p

CD and MP3 player

Interior: Cleaveland cloth/temperfoam arm rests and seats

Modifications: Center console storage

Past incidents/repairs/damage repair: Flaps replaced after impact with landing lights while taxiing.

Service bulletins/Change notices that have been complied with:

Nosewheel fork mod competed

Date last annual: 8/1/18

- Maintained by: Owner

Date last transponder check: 4/26/07

Date aircraft last flown: 8/2018

Willing to deliver: Y___ N_X__

Other items not listed above:

Phlogiston spars

Primed with Variprime throughout

Always hangared


Contact Info

- name: Paul Klein (owner/builder)

- voice: Home: 614-889-1780 (best)

Cell: 614-832-6552

- email: kleinp37482@gmail.com

- Preferred hours to call: Between noon and 4 pm