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If you are flying IFR or at NIGHT, THIS PRODUCT IS A MUST HAVE!

This device consists of an electronics package, and a tiny, lightweight, low cost optical ice-detecting transducer probe.  The probe senses the first 0.001" of airframe icing aloft.  The thin sensor profile eliminates ram air heating.  The sensor attracts and detects airframe icing instantly upon entering any icing domain, where liquid water changes phase to solid ice.  Conforms to SAE aerospace standard AS 5498, paragraph 

This system yields a positive, unambiguous indication of airframe icing conditions before ice becomes a problem on aircraft  tail, wings, struts or engines.  It automates the pilots' task of "looking for ice" day or night, while on autopilot, or under heavy workload.  It eliminates guesswork and interpretation.

This system provides a useful standard for "known" icing conditions.  It advises the pilot to activate the anti-icing system; disengage autopilot; activate engine heat; climb, descend, or turn around.  This system provides a true improvement of ice detection sensitivity over earlier technologies.  It is also light weight.



      ELECTRONICS for SEPARATE SENSOR PACKAGE                ELECTRONICS for METER TYPE                    






TYPICAL SENSOR MOUNTING LOCATIONS   (Many others are possible)



    Ice Meister Specification Sheet

    SAE aerospace standard AS 5498, paragraph



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